I'm having trouble thinking of things to put in these blog areas.

I played through Bloodborne, though, and it was super awesome.  It turns out From Software games are system-sellers, in my case.

I think it succeeds as a horror game, but the things that make it horrifying are best revealed by the game itself, at its own pace, in its own ways.  Describing why its storytelling is cool would take away from the impact of actually experiencing the game.  So it's a game best recommended cryptically.  It succeeded as a horror game for me in that contemplating it after playing it gives me a kind of queasy feeling in my stomach.  A mark of success?  But it's also full of gorgeous views, like the Souls games.  So I recommend playing it without reading much about it, if you like swearing-inducingly difficult, unsettling games and want to get a PS4 and stuff!

I also just finished a less popular From Software game called Ninja Blade, which was also super awesome in that it had quicktime-event-filled action scenes that were L-O-L HUH LARIOUS.

Dyna's name is almost certainly basically stolen inspired by the bird named Dyna Blade from Kirby Super Star.

vvvvvvvvvideo games!