Hello peepskis! It's time for another page!

After this one, I'm planning to release a new page every 2 weeks. 

If you already use RSS for stuff, you might want to subscribe to the comic; then, when it comes out, each new comic will be delivered STRAIGHT INTO YOUR MOUTH

The RSS feed was broken for Feedly if you subscribed earlier... if you want to subscribe with it, you'll probably have to delete the feed from Feedly and subscribe again through the link above or the one below.  Sorry about that!  If you subscribe by clicking one of the RSS links on this page and then using "open in feedly", you should be good now.  If you try to subscribe using Feedly's search bar, please use "www.warnerburg.com/comic/rss" as the URL (if you use "warnerburg.com/comic/rss" without the "www." at the beginning, it will break).