YAY! HAVE SOME CLOSURE! Now you can tell people that this comic has a part they can read in its entirety!

"SNAP" is, of course, the sound a horrible sugar crash makes. This comic is scientifically sound in every way.

The next chapter's coming up as well, though I haven't decided on how to start it. It shouldn't take too much longer than usual.

SO, a milestone passed! NOW FORWARD, BRETHREN! Now's the time to give me feedback on the chapter as a whole as well, if you feel like it. Whatever carves your totem pole.

*EDIT 7/12/08*
I fixed this one to make Ranji act less cutesy, and I changed the sugar crash. I at first drew Ranji having a self-induced sugar crash (in order to make it clear that it wasn't due to the hand he swallowed), but this made the ending conversation awkward, so I changed it to him flexing and having the crash in the process. But why would he be flexing? Anyway, yeah, I think it's an improvement. This is for those of you who like reading about my thought processes, I guess!