Ranji gets hungry after a hard day's conquering. And nothing goes down quite like the charred remains of your enemies when you're hungry like THAT.

Life is going well! Things are good for me these days, but I've been busy setting up various aspects of life after college. Maybe my next comic will take less time!

*EDIT 7/12/08*
I like the idea of Ranji eating the Smileyburg hand, but think it was too much. I had the idea of him eating it as I was drawing and it felt too good to pass up, but then it led to problems. The biggest problem was that it became ambiguous as to whether his sugar crash happened soley because of all the root beer he drank, and I didn't want that to be confusing. I really like the idea of him exercising reluctant self-control in this regard instead. Yay! I'll put the sequence of him eating the hand up somewhere on the site.