The comic before this one has been changed a lot! Check it out, yo (it may require a page refresh).

I looked at my charts the other day and noticed a completely unacceptable shortage of something in this comic!

That's correct! There was a decided lack of female characters exploding heads!

Well not anymore, THANK GOODNESS. And hopefully the changes in the last comic cleared up some confusion. I did away with the interleaved text (nobody's going to read it, it will just seem to be in the way, it will fit more naturally elsewhere) and I hope the other changes help answer some questions that may have confused people (such as "What is that thing?" and "What just happened?").

If I confuse you in the future, PLEASE tell me what it is I confused you about! I'll try to help or make changes, but I'll only be able to if I know what you're confused about.