What? There's a store here now! It sells a sweet 2008 art calendar! You can see what the pages look like at the store site. If you want to buy one that would be awesome.

It would behoove you to do so, because I'll have you know, the money is going towards a good cause. That's right: every cent I make will go towards purchasing blocks of sharp cheddar cheese, from which I intend to construct a Mighty Throne of Cheese. From that throne I'll be able to more effectively tell everyone around me what to do. SUPPORT MY DREAMS! SUPPORT MY CHEESE THRONE!

I meant for the A's and I's to be pronounced the Japanese way for the names Akairi and Ranji. So the A's are like AH in Bah-humbug while the I's are like EE. Akairi is pronounced AH-KAEE (like "guy")-REE. Kind of like Ranji is pronounced RAHN-JEE like "Kanji," not RAYUN-JEE like "I ran(ji) ten miles."

But you know what, you can pronounce these things however you want! If I were following consistent pronunciation, Gunrick would be pronounced GOON-REEK and nobody thinks that that's cool.